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Muslim Visitors

In the recent years there is an increase in the number of Muslim visitors to Japan, most of those tourists are from Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Other reasons for a boost in halal travel in Japan include an increase in Muslim-friendly and halal-accredited restaurants and facilities.

Generally Japan is tolerant of different religions and becoming more attuned to the needs of Muslim visitors and there many Muslim-friendly resources exist currently and increasing. Japan keeps on enhancing its hospitality for Muslim travelers to the country.

Halal Food

In Salongo Inc. we understand that meals are a matter of concern for Muslim travelers due to their religious dietary obligations, such as the prohibition against consuming anything related to pork and alcoholic drinks.

In our company’s multi-cultural environment, we have a deep understanding and respect of this matter.

We offer the option for our Muslim travelers to rest assured that any meal offered during their stay in Japan will be within the Halal food requirement if needed.

Due to the strict rules in Japan all food products sold in any market or shop, must indicate the ingredients clearly and in details. Hence if you choose to buy from a shop on the side, you may verfiy with the shop if pork is included or not.

Tempura Bite
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