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Our Services

Salongo Inc. is a DMC division (Destination Management Company) which focuses on presenting Japan and passionately offers end-to-end destination management services. 

Hotel Room


As expected in an advanced country with developed infrastructure, Japan has no lack of accommodation of all categories and levels that cater for all desires and budgets.

  • International hotel groups

  • Local branded series of hotels

  • Long term and short-term stays

  • Traditional accommodation



One of the best transportation systems in the world.

The most common means of transportation inside Japan is the train, which keeps huge metropolitan cities like Tokyo and Osaka convenient to travel within although arguably a little uneasy for a first-time visitor.

Buying Rail passes will save you money and time as well.

Also keep an eye on packages and discounts and 24hours passes available in some major cities like Tokyo.

Using taxis while convenient but in crowded cities, it's neither money nor time saver.


Tours and Activities

Salongo Inc. offers all the classic must-see components as well as advising on or selecting the best combinations to create the unique travel experience you are looking for. Since Japan has a wide variety of options, we research, select and advise on the best combination of individual components that suites your desire.

With us you are not only guaranteed the best market prices, but also the most flexible terms when it comes to different tour options, departure dates and other activities. 

visa application japan.jpg


Any foreign visitor entering Japan must have a valid passport for the duration of their stay, and all visitors must comply with the conditions of their visas.

Tourist visas are obtained through the Japanese Embassy or Councilor nearest you.

For more information about visa we suggest checking the official information on Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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